Fujitsu Approved Air Conditioning Installers

Fujitsu Approved Air conditioning installers in Manchester and the North West

Affordable air conditioners to suit a wide range of commercial and domestic properties.

Established in 1935 in Japan, Fujitsu are a global leader spanning across 180 countries. Their air conditioners are seen as hard to beat on price and where the first to include self-cleaning filters in their air conditioners.

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Why choose Fujitsu?

  • More affordable than other brands
  • Come with a 5-year warranty
  • Patent technologies for their aircon
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Reputation for some of most robust and reliable air cons.


Fujitsu air conditioning

Atmostherm provide a range of Fujitsu air conditioning units and we can provide unbiased advice to provide you with the best air conditioning for your home or business.


Split systems

Fujitsu’s energy-saving conditioners include wall mount units, floor mount units, cassette, and ceiling units.

Some models come with self-cleaning filters for easier maintenance.


Multi-split air conditioners

Ideal for small to large areas, these single outdoor units manage multiple indoor units for greater flexibility.

They are best suited for two or more rooms or an entire floor.



The AIRSTAGE air conditioning units are ideal for large spaces and commercial buildings.

They have greater energy efficiency, energy-saving functions, design flexibility, and are particularly quiet.


Fujitsu Ventilation

The ventilation range offers efficient heat exchange and fresh air ventilation.

With energy efficiency and a quiet operation, they can be used at home or for commercial buildings.

They offer a heat exchange mode or ventilation-only mode.


WATERSTAGE air-to-water (ATW) systems

This air conditioning system uses clean energy and heat pump technology for a clean water heating system.


Fujitsu air conditioner prices

Prices vary depending on your circumstances, but Fujitsu air conditioners can range from just over £500 to a few thousand.


Why you need a Fujitsu approved engineer

If you choose a Fujitsu air conditioner, it is best to have it installed by a Fujitsu approved air conditioner installer to ensure it is done properly.

Poor installation can cause a wide range of costly problems, so it is best to use an experienced air conditioner installer.

At Atmostherm we are approved Fujitsu air conditioning installers with many years of experience.

We can also offer extended warranties to ensure your peace of mind.


Fujitsu Air Con FAQ

Is Fujitsu a good air conditioner?

Fujitsu are a reputable brand and are seen as a more affordable option for air conditioners.


Are Fujitsu air conditioners energy efficient?

Most air conditioners will be energy efficient, but some models will include added energy efficient modes.

The Fujitsu Comfort Range are particularly energy efficient.


Are Fujitsu air conditioners quiet?

Yes. The AIRSTAGE air conditioners are particularly quiet, so you may not even realise they are on.


How long does a Fujitsu air conditioner last?

A Fujitsu air conditioner should last around 7 years.


Is Fujitsu better than Daikin?

Fujitsu is generally seen as more efficient than Daikin.


How long is the Fujitsu warranty?

Fujitsu include a 5 year parts and labour warranty across their domestic range.


Is Fujitsu aircon better than Mitsubishi?

Fujitsu are generally more affordable whereas Mitsubishi are a more high-end air conditioner.


Tailor-Made Air Con Service

We offer a complete air conditioning service including design, supply, installation, servicing, commissioning, and maintenance.

We are Fujitsu approved installers with over 35 years’ experience who can help you decide on the best air conditioner for your domestic or commercial property.

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