School Heating Solutions

Expert School Heating System installation, survey, design & project management service

At Atmostherm Ltd we design and install school heating systems for every size & type of school, from large comprehensives to small primary & nursery schools.

We advise, provide and install the right energy efficient school heating solution for your needs.

We are Powrmatic, Winterwarm and AmbiRad approved installers.

Our custom school heating system design service can tailor systems to your specific requirements. We can help with improvements to an existing system or a completely new system design. Our expert engineers offer a free site survey as well as help and guidance for your requirements.

We also provide school heating servicing, maintenance contracts and emergency repairs across the North West.

Schools can be difficult to heat. Their mixture of large open spaces and smaller rooms, often with entrances frequently opening and closing can mean that heat is difficult to maintain and distribute evenly. Hot water demands are often hugely fluctuating, meaning that school hot water systems need to be able to cope with peaks and troughs in usage.


Heating for Schools


Schools across the U.K. are faced with the following challenges:

  • Current operating needs maintenance whilst:
    • Budget expenses are being reduced
    • Student numbers increase on a year-on-year basis

The outcome of the above is that although there will be a new and larger intake of students each year the resources of the schools will be very much further stretched.

The above is a main driver for educational establishments researching into how they can cut costs of utilities for heating of schools.  A number of the factors that need to be considered are covered in the points of this article.


Classroom Heating


Classrooms need to be places where students feel warm enough to focus on their studies and not feel distracted by being cold.  This position is even more the case in the winter months.  As you will appreciate this relates not only to the main school buildings but also to any portable classroom buildings.  By having warm student study spaces it is more likely that the students will perform to a higher standard.

Temperature has a number of impacts that might not a first thought be obvious, these are detailed below:

  • Testing/Exam scores of the students
  • School perception in the community
  • School reputation in the community

As you will no doubt agree in a school that has a per student higher score, then a higher reputation for the school is likely to be perceived.  The potential nock on effect of this is the receipt of additional funding and the attraction of more top performing students.

The counter point of the above is that there has been a study that shows:

  • Where study room temperature is above or below a reasonable/comfortable temperature the students performance was worse in comparison to students who were working in a temperature controlled location.

The good news is that we at Atmostherm are able to help you with heating for schools solutions.  We can provide you with systems that will allow you to regulate the temperatures in your schools study areas.  This will allow your students:

  • To be able to focus on their studies and not on being too cold.
  • Allow your students to work at an optimised level.


Cafeteria and Eateries Heating


Classrooms are not the only areas where heating is a factor.  The focus areas for heating in schools also needs to take account of cafeteria and eateries heating.  This is necessary not only for comfort of the students and staff but also to not compromise food safety.  This is the case irrespective of the heating system be it under floor heating or radiators.  Here at Atmostherm we will be able to help for your cafeteria and eateries heating needs.

As you will no doubt understand inappropriate temperatures in which food is prepared or stored is a risk of illness to students and staff.  Therefore by providing an effectively controlled temperature/environment in cafeteria and eateries the easier it is to remain food safe.  This means there is less of a likelihood of students and staff becoming unwell.


Common Areas and Lounge Heating


When your students get to the point in their study career that they have permissions to access student lounges and common areas they need places to be comfortable so they can decompress.  This means areas will need to have a controlled temperature.


Student Housing Away From Home


Where students are being housed by the school away from home they also will need to be provided with comfortable temperatures.  This is of significant importance as this is the location that your students will be taking a mental holiday from the focus they apply in the class room.  In addition temperature is a large factor in achieving a good sleep. If your students do not sleep well their grades can suffer.



The Cost of Heating for School Systems


As you will understand by having reached this far into the article that a significant proportion of schools across the U.K. are looking at their heating bills and their heating systems.  At Atmostherm we recognise you will be looking at this from a minimal budget impact position.  When you are looking at heating systems for your school there are a number of factors/features you should take into account:


Stable room temperature creation

Atmostherm will work with you to allow you the ability to create and maintain your required room temperature.  This will remove the need for regular thermostat changes in each room which can have a negative impact on your fuel bills.


Programming for seven days a week

By having smart controls on the components in your heating system you will very much be in control of both your schools heating and the associated cost.


Atmostherm – the optimal choice when it comes to heating for schools:


At Atmostherm we very much recognise that school students are literally the future of the  country.   We are therefore in your corner for heating solutions for your school.  Here at Atmostherm we are not only experts in heating but, we are also a friendly and approachable team. If you have a query about your current heating system or are potentially looking at a new system please give us a call so we can help.

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