Orthoplastics Ltd

Atmostherm were asked to provide advice on the design and installation of a new lighting, power, fire alarm and cat 6 network system at Orthoplastics Ltd new corporate headquarters in Bacup, Lancashire. With the help of the architects concept drawings, we designed a new power and lighting system from the ground up which included specialist requirements in the test rooms, laboratories and machine shops.

The project was designed and installed in an existing 5 storey mill which was partitioned off to create the new office spaces. New distribution boards were located on each of the five floors and these were supplied with sufficient expansion for future growth of the company. New mains distribution cables were run from the main incoming supply to each distribution board. The partition system was manufactured with pre-cut slots to accept power sockets and light switches. The lighting system was supplied by Hilclare Lighting and is controlled using microwave motion sensors in all areas to reduce running costs. All small power and lighting wiring was installed throughout the building using low fume cable to comply with building control regulations. A fire alarm system and void detection system was also installed including a main control panel and repeater panel at the rear entrance to the building. We also installed the mains electrical supplies for the 134 air conditioning units, 14 condensing units, 10 ventilation units, 2 compressors, 3 driers and specialist laboratory equipment. A specialist external lighting scheme was designed to prevent harassment to the surrounding neighbours and was installed to cover the exterior of the building and the car park. On completion of the installation all electrical systems installed within the building were certified by ourselves and signed off by building control.

We are experts in high efficiency lighting, power, fire alarms, and general electrical installations.

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