New Ventilation System at Norbert Dentressangle MHRA Chamber

New Ventilation System at Norbert Dentressangle MHRA Chamber

10 February 2020

Atmostherm were asked to provide advice on the design and installation of a new ventilation system to serve an MHRA chamber in Trafford Park, Manchester, which would be storing pharmaceutical products and aerosol sprays. The building needed to be kept at a positive pressure to avoid contamination entering, and also required to be at a constant temperature of 14oC. To achieve the design requirements of 12 air changes per hour, 60,000 m3/hr of makeup air and 55,000 m3/hr of extracted air would be required.

Atmostherm installed 3 high level air handling units each supplying 20,000m3/hr of fresh air. The air handling units were fitted with modulating oil fired burners and evaporative coolers to maintain the required temperature. The air handling units were fitted with duct spigots which allowed spiral wound ductwork to be installed, which distributed the supply air throughout the building.

Four extraction fans removing 55,000 m3/hr were installed at the opposite end of the building, giving a good cross flow of air over the building, and ensuring an even temperature in all areas.

An automated management control system was installed to control the equipment installed and maintain the design parameters. On completion the system was commissioned and approved by the MHRA governing body and put into service.

Due to the success of the project Atmostherm were asked to undertake the annual service and maintenance of the plant to maintain equipment warranty and compliance with all governing bodies.

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