Cost effective Air Conditioning  system

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This is the most popular and cost effective air conditioning system installed by Atmostherm. The system comprises of a single indoor air conditioning unit which is connected by refrigeration pipework to an outdoor condensing unit. These units can be installed in small retail premises, offices, shops, dentists, doctors and domestic premises. With energy efficiency being at the forefront of most people’s minds manufactures have greatly improved air conditioning equipment by introducing inverter driven compressors, motors and by introducing intelligent controls for easy operation. These new innovations allow the working parts of the system such as the compressors to increase or decrease in speed depending on the required temperatures and reduce annual running costs. All single split air conditioning system provide both cooling and heating which makes accurate temperature control simple. Single split air conditioning system are quick and easy to install and maintain causing very little disruption to the area being worked in

The systems are simple to operate and usually use an infra-red hand help or wall mounted control pad. Single split air conditioning unit come in the following models:

  • Wall Mounted Units
  • Floor Mounted Units
  • Concealed Ceiling Cassettes
  • Under Ceiling Cassettes
  • Ducted Units
  • All In One Units (No outdoor condenser)
  • Water Cooled Units
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