Winterwarm Heating Solutions

Atmostherm are approved Winterwarm engineers and we have years of experience of installing Winterwarm systems.

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Winterwarm provide reliable and innovative heating solutions all over the world from their base in the Netherlands. Established in 1936, they have over 85 years of experience.

They specialise in unit air heating appliances for industrial purposes. Their product range includes warm air heaters, air circulation, air curtains, and radiant heating.


Types of Winterwarm heating systems

Warm air heaters

Winterwarm provide direct and indirect unit air heaters and recently introduced electric heaters.

Warm air heaters are flexible and can be installed in almost every industrial area including as factory heaters and heating a garage workshop.


How do warm air systems work?

These commercial heating systems take cold air and run it through a heat exchanger to provide warm air.

They are a popular choice for industrial and commercial premises because of their cost effectiveness for large areas while providing energy efficiency.

A standard indirect-fired non-condensing warm air heater can give mini net efficiencies of up to 101%.

The warm air heaters are quick and evenly distribute heat. They offer flexibility because there are a range of options.

The downsides are that you need a separate water heater to provide hot water and the initial investment can be high.

Winterwarm produce gas fired unit air heaters, LPHW unit heaters, and electric unit heaters.


Gas fired unit air heaters

These Winterwarm warm air suspended gas heaters are among the best sold air heaters in Europe. They are best for industrial and agricultural markets and have a high efficiency, a modulating burner and fan, and can come with a 10-year warranty.


LPHW heaters

These heaters can heat any commercial or industrial space because they can be placed in various locations. They work in conjunction with a warm water system such as a boiler or heat pump.

They have a low investment with several air discharge options, and are easy to control. Winterwarm provide models with a choice of low water temperatures, low electricity consumption, or low sound level.


Electric unit heaters

These heaters can be used with renewable sources and can be convenient if your premises doesn’t have access to gas.

They are easy to install and have various heating outputs. The quick warm up time means it doesn’t have to be on long before heating large premises, making it energy efficient. They need to be installed at an angle to direct the warm air towards the floor.


Air circulation

Winterwarm provide destratification fans (ceiling fans) that work with a warm air heating system.

A destratification fan works by moving the warm air, that naturally rises to the ceiling, to the occupied area which helps reduce energy loss through the roof.

The fans can be controlled to come on when you want them to and to control the speed, helping to save on your energy bill.

Destratification fans can reduce your energy consumption by up to 30%, making them attractive to businesses.

Winterwarm destratification fans increases recirculation of the heater air and provide extra air circulation in summer for more humid environments.


Air curtains

Air curtains can be installed in front of large doors such as loading docks. They prevent heat loss as they act as a barrier to the outside. Even when the doors are open it means the warm air stays inside.

They are compact, easy to assemble, and have a high air flow. They are particularly suitable for premises where the doors are opening all the time as they reduce energy loss by up to 80%.

Winterwarm’s ACM is a modular air curtain can be placed along all door widths up to 5.5 metres. It has a “Gurney” flap which guides the air to keep the warm air inside.

It is easy to install because of its modular concept which can be connected together.

An added bonus with the ACM is that it is available with EC fan technology which can help reduce your electrical consumption by around 25% by generating more air volume.


Radiant heating

What is radiant heating?

Radiant heating are heaters which are suspended from the ceiling to produce infrared heat. Radiant heat travels in straight lines to warm objects and surfaces through electromagnetic waves.

Radiant heating works by not heating the air but the surfaces within its reach.

Radiant heaters are suitable for poorly insulated buildings, half open buildings, or even outside areas. The heat is directed precisely enough to maintain a basic temperature.

Radiant tubes can be combined with indirect fired air heating and can be switched off before the end of the working day and will still retain heat.


Are radiant heaters efficient?

They are energy efficient because they work immediately and can retain heat for a long period. They also have relatively low transmission losses as surfaces are heated instead of air, so warm air doesn’t escape through cracks or through the ceiling.


Servicing Winterwarm products

Winterwarm’s heating solutions are generally low maintenance, but they will still need to be serviced at least once a year.

The servicing should be done by an approved Winterwarm engineer, for their experience with the brand but also because it is more than likely a stipulation of your warranty.

Servicing helps to keep your heating system in good condition, preventing breakdowns, and extending its life ensuring you get value for money.


How to find a Winterwarm engineer

There are engineers who are approved Winterwarm engineers, and it is important to pick one of these. They have the knowledge and experience of the brand, making it unlikely you will have any problems. Winterwarm approved engineers will be able to help with any technical support and can answer questions on why your Winterwarm heater is not working (in the unlikely event this happens).

When choosing a Winterwarm engineer make sure they are:

  • Gas Safe registered
  • Approved Winterwarm engineers
  • Can carry out installation according to CIBSE guidelines.

Atmostherm have over 40 years’ experience of commercial heating and Winterwarm is one of the brands they specialise in. Based in Manchester, we provide single visits to inclusive packages including parts and labour which can help reduce your costs.

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