Ambirad Heating & Ventilation Solutions

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Who are Ambirad?

Ambirad provide heat and ventilation solutions to commercial premises.

They specialise in radiant tube heating and supply these to industrial customers all over the world.

They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers providing energy efficient heating solutions, fuelled by natural gas and LPG.

They are part of the American company Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Ltd which also bought over one of their competitors, Benson.


Types of Ambirad heating systems

Radiant heating

Radiant heat works by travelling in straight lines to warm solid objects and surfaces through electromagnetic waves.

It is a heater that is suspended from the ceiling to produce infrared heat. It is convenient for certain premises as it does not take up floor space.

Radiant heat is most suitable for high open spaces that need to be heated quickly and avoid roof heat loss.

It is a simple system to install that requires little maintenance to avoid expensive running costs.

With a radiant heating system, individual areas can be heated, which is called zoning. It creates a more natural environment and reduces draughts.

It is good for those with allergies or in areas with lots of dust because it reduces air movement. Reducing air pollution helps to create a healthier workplace and prevent lung illnesses in staff.

Radiant heating has high efficiency and it can be possible to save 70% on fuel costs compared to boiler-based systems.



Destratification fans work together with a warm air heating system.

A destratification fan moves the warm air that rises naturally to the ceiling, to the occupied area instead.

Destratification can reduce energy loss and maintain a steady temperature. They can be tailored to your requirements, with fans set to only come on when the heating is on or using speed control to prevent draughts.

Using destratification could reduce your energy consumption by 20%.


What to consider when choosing a heating system

There are several variables to consider when choosing the right heating system for your premises.

  • Size

The size of your building is one of the biggest factors when choosing a heating system. If your building has high ceilings and open doors, only certain heating systems will keep this area warm such as a radiant heating system.

  • Temperature

If you need different areas to have different temperatures, then you need a heating system that has zoning. This means you can set different temperatures for separate areas.

  • Initial investment

Whether you are installing a whole new system or tweaking a system you already have, investment in equipment and labour costs to install them can vary. When considering the cost to buy and install the system, you should also think about how much the running costs and maintenance will be.

  • Noise

Although modern heating systems are all generally quiet, there will be those that are noisier than others. A destratification system, for example, is generally noisier than other systems, and this may not be helpful for you depending on your business.


Types of Ambirad products

Ambirad radiant heaters

Ambirad report their radiant heating is one of the most environmentally friendly heating products on the market.

Their products deliver savings of 30 to 70% and there can be significant electrical savings.

Their new range of high efficiency Vision radiant tube heaters have advanced burners where peak flame temperatures are reduced, decreasing NOx levels by 40%.

There is also little combustion noise and a slim-line burner head for an evenly distributed flame and minimal maintenance.


Ambirad destratification fans

Ambirad took over their competitor Benson so the name of their destratification fan is Benson.

Products like Benson Recoupak are designed to provide permanent reduction in roof space temperature. It’s designed to take the warm air from the roof to working level which helps reduce fuel usage up to 15%.

The air movement creates a comfortable space by creating a uniformity of warmth through the area.

Each fan is self-contained and has an integral thermostat to recirculate high-level air.

Fans should be situated about one metre under the highest roof point.


Ambirad door curtains

AIRBLOC energy saving air curtains can reduce heat loss by 80%. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally across doors to work as a barrier.

In warehouses and other commercial premises doors are frequently opened causing draughts and higher energy costs.

There are several distinct types of door curtains including customised designs to suit certain sizes which can be remote controlled.

There are the commercial/retail air curtains and industrial air curtains.

The retail air curtains have lighting features and look better than other options. They are suitable for heights of three or four metres.

The industrial air curtains are for larger doors of up to six metres in height with a choice of ambient, gas, electric, LPHW, or steam units to suit your needs.


Ambirad door heaters

The Airbloc ACT Series is an electric heater that works by directing a downward flow of warm air.

It is a compact unit that gives immediate warmth and works quietly.

Ambirad also have a AC Mini Series which encompasses an over the door heater. It is slimline with a semi-circular shape and can be placed over doors, walls, or ceilings.


Energy management controllers

SmartCom is an intelligent energy management controller.

It is suitable for using with radiant tube heaters and is easy to program and operate.

It provides cost-effective energy management for small single heaters and large multi-zones for centralised control. This means you can control your heating from one place, and it is password protected to allow only authorised staff to use it.


Servicing Ambirad products

Like any heating system, Ambirad products should be serviced once a year. Servicing should be conducted by an Ambirad qualified engineer to ensure it is done properly and to meet the terms of your warranty.

Servicing is affordable and reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns which could leave you with an expensive repair bill. Servicing also helps with wear and tear to ensure your Ambirad product lasts for longer and gives you better value for money.


How to find a Ambirad engineer

Atmostherm are approved Ambirad engineers that have years of experience of installing these heating systems.

When choosing an Ambirad engineer check they are:

  • Gas safe registered
  • Experienced
  • Specialising in the brand you are purchasing
  • Can carry out installation according to CIBSE guidelines.


For more information on Ambirad products, contact us today.