Radiant Heating Systems

Advice, design and installation of efficient Radiant Heating Systems

Atmostherm Ltd install radiant heating units for heating large, open spaces across Manchester, the North West, North Wales and the Midlands.

A radiant tube heating system is ideal for large high open spaces that require a rapid heat up time with minimum roof heat loss. Radiant heating can also be used to spot heat individual areas within a factory, such as workbenches or packing areas, and each unit can be individually zoned.

Radiant heating systems normally reduce draughts and air movement within a building and can therefore reduce air pollution problems. Due to the sun radiation principle of this type of heating system it gives a more natural environment to the occupants.

Due to the high efficiency of radiant heating systems it is possible to save 70% on fuel costs compared to existing boiler based systems. Radiant heating systems are very simple to install and maintain and they do not require any floor space.

We also offer service, maintenance & repair for all types of commercial & industrial heating systems.

Radiant heating units can be specified to operate on gas, oil and LPG giving greater flexibility. Radiant tube heating systems can be supplied with energy efficient heating control using black bulb thermostats which will accurately control the time and temperature.

Atmostherm are able to offer a wide range of energy efficient radiant heating solutions, which can help meet the challenge of maintaining effective temperature control in a small or large warehouse. New radiant heaters can be specified to operate on gas, oil and LPG giving greater installation flexibility.

  • Application

    Ideal for poorly insulated buildings with high heat loss like Garden Centers.

  • Features

    Can be used to spot heat a small area within a large building.

  • Benefits

    Inexpensive to install with low running and maintenance costs.