Multiple Air Con Units for Medium Size Businesses

Ideal for larger spaces Medium Air Conditioning Systems are ideal for heating or cooling multiple rooms

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems are designed to heat more than one room in your office or business. They are also ideal for houses, as the indoor units are connected by 2 small refrigeration pipes which can be concealed in boxing or trucking.

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This type of system is very economical to run and provides an added level of comfort as it can heat and cool each independent area. Ideal for heating and cooling in 2 or more (max 9) individual rooms. Each of these areas can have independent temperature and time control over the air conditioning system.

This type of air conditioning system comprises of 2 or more indoor air conditioning units which are linked by refrigeration pipework to a single outside condensing unit. All multi split air conditioning units installed by Atmostherm are energy efficient inverter models. An Inverter is used to control and vary the speed of the compressor motor and fan. It simply slows down and speeds up the unit as temperature demand rises or falls. Inverter technology provides a more accurate room comfort level by continuously regulating the temperature, without the temperature fluctuations of fixed speed air conditioning systems.

The increased efficiency of these units compared to traditional air conditioners makes them quieter, with lower operating cost. Inverter systems are approximately 30% more efficient than fixed speed units and can reach the desired room temperature quicker.

Multi Spilt Air Conditioning Systems come in the following models:

  • Wall Mounted Units
  • Floor Mounted Units
  • Concealed Ceiling Cassettes
  • Under Ceiling Cassettes
  • Ducted Units