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Atmostherm Ltd offer a wide range of energy efficient heating control solutions which can help meet the challenge of maintaining effective temperature control in small or large commercial office spaces, apartment blocks, warehouses and factories.

Atmostherm Ltd are Manchester based commercial heating contractors and have been installing, maintaining and repairing energy efficient commercial and industrial heating systems for over 40 years. We are recognised as being leaders in commercial heating installations.

We are Powrmatic, Winterwarm and AmbiRad approved installers.

As specialist commercial heating engineers we strive to design the most energy efficient heating systems available for our customers. By selecting quality equipment that lowers CO2 emissions, we can offer heating systems which achieve a greener carbon footprint and lower running costs. Each design and installation undertaken conforms fully to the requirements of the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Act 1998, OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association), CORGI, Gas Safe and the Health and Safety Executive.

We design & install all types of commercial heating systems, including:

Atmostherm give the same high level of service to customers operating from small commercial premises, large industrial units or multi storey premises. We offer a free technical site survey, design service and quotation which will be undertaken by an experienced engineer. We are also able to receive customers premises layout drawings in PDF format or AutoCAD DWG format which can be used in the design process. Our engineers operate the latest computer aided design systems which gives us the ability to offer an unrivalled same day email quotation and specification service.

We are also one of the few diocese approved specialist church heating systems installers and repairers in the UK.

As an independent HVAC company we are able to offer high quality heating equipment from all the major suppliers, giving us the opportunity to choose the best system for your needs.

We are able to offer a complete professional service to our customers, which will be undertaken by highly skilled engineers, from the initial enquiry to the design and quotation, supply, installation, servicing, commissioning and maintenance. It is our aim to ensure your heating system continues to perform to its maximum efficiency throughout its life cycle.

What’s The Best Commercial Heating System For My Business?

With energy bills set to increase by 50%, more and more businesses are looking for the most cost-effective and energy-efficient ways to heat their properties. Furthermore, it is estimated that HVAC accounts for 40% of a building’s total energy use in an average commercial premises, so it is essential to find an efficient and cost-effective heating system.

Atmostherm offers a huge range of commercial heating systems to suit every business: from offices to warehouses, schools to churches. We supply and fit a range of commercial heating products tailored for every business function.

To help you make the right decision for your premises, here is our low-down on the most popular commercial heating options to keep your staff comfortable and ensure you can carry out business activities in the right environment.

Warm Air Commercial Heating

Using fan systems and a heat source, warm air heating, as the name suggests, heats the air and allows the heat to disperse evenly throughout the environment. This type of heating system creates consistency and a comfortable environment across the whole space. It is a popular choice in many industrial settings thanks to its ability to provide heat quickly; however, if doors and windows are opened regularly, this system can struggle to be efficient.

Warm air heating is versatile, and the fact it is easy to adjust the temperature makes it a go-to choice for many businesses. The system is suitable for a variety of commercial premises from factories to offices and is regularly used in warehouses.

Benefits of warm air heating

  • Quick and efficient heating
  • Cost-effective for large spaces
  • Typically seen as a quiet heating option for commercial properties
  • Relatively small footprint so it can be a space-saver
  • Typically, have a long lifespan with a reduced risk of breakdowns

Drawbacks of warm air heating

  • Premises will need a separate water heater if hot water is required
  • While maintenance is usually low, the initial investment can be high
  • Without an air filter, it can cause problems for those with allergies

Radiant Commercial Heating

Commercial radiant heating uses tubes suspended from the ceiling to emit warmth. Radiant heating creates a similar feeling to how residential radiators work in the fact that you can feel the heat emitting from the system. However, commercial radiant heating differs as it doesn’t warm the air. Instead, radiant heat emits heat energy from the tubes directly to people and objects in its presence.

So, while the air may feel cool, people and objects in a direct line to the heating will feel comfortable and warm.

Radiant heating is best suited to large industrial spaces, spaces with high ceilings and logistics areas where large doors are frequently opened.

Benefits of radiant heating

  • Reduces heat loss in areas where open doors/windows/draughts are common
  • People stay warm for longer
  • Heat can spread fast and easily
  • Can improve indoor air quality
  • Highly efficient and can lower energy bills compared to air-based systems

Drawbacks of radiant heating

  • People need to be in direct line of the heat tubes to benefit
  • If layout changes, the tubes will need reconfiguring, so isn’t flexible
  • Shelving, walls and obstacles can shield the heat
  • Electrical based systems can mean a higher safety risk

Destratification Commercial Heating

It can be difficult to maintain the heat in premises with high ceilings as the hot air rises. Destratification heating helps combat this by recirculating the warm risen air and distributing it to lower occupied spaces.

This type of heating system usually works in combination with a warm air heating system, helping regulate the floor/ceiling temperature and reducing wasted energy.

Another option is air rotation heating, which works to move large quantities of air, by drawing in cooler air and circulating warmer air. This is useful for warehouses and premises that need a uniform temperature at all times.

Benefits of destratification commercial heating

  • Helps to reduce wasted energy
  • Can help to prevent over-heating to save money
  • Can cut energy consumption by around 20%
  • Businesses can typically recoup their investment within 5 years

Drawbacks of destratification commercial heating

  • Destratification systems can be noisy
  • Not suitable for all premises
  • Needs perfect positioning to be effective

Commercial Boiler Systems

Another common heating option for businesses is a commercial boiler. These burn fuel or use electricity to heat water, creating hot water or steam that can move through pipes throughout the building to warm up radiators and other components.

There are many different types of commercial boilers, and the right boiler for each business will depend on a range of factors from size, performance, energy efficiency and fuel type.

Benefits of commercial boilers

  • Provides even heat distribution
  • Can run for long periods of time
  • Usually, energy-efficient
  • Typically, easy to maintain and repair

Drawbacks of commercial boilers

  • Requires pipe installation, which can be extensive
  • Not as quick to respond as other heating systems
  • Not easy to cool the premises quickly when the boiler is in use

Which Is The Best Brand For Commercial Heating?

At Atmostherm, we work with several heating brands to provide commercial heating to businesses across Manchester and the Northwest. Our clients will often ask us which is the best commercial heating brand. However, the right brand depends on which type of commercial heating system is right for their property.

Here are some of our favourite commercial heating brands, of which Atmostherm are approved installers.


Powrmatic offers a range of warm air, radiator, and boiler-based systems. What makes Powrmatic so popular is their small, compact designs, which means they are ideal for businesses where space is at a premium and need all available floor space. This is especially true of their warm air heaters, which can often be large, yet Powrmatic focus on stepping away from traditional bulky units.


AmbiRad offers both radiant heating and warm air heaters; however, they are most known for their radiant heating options. AmbiRad focuses on energy efficiency, which is ideal for businesses looking to improve their green credentials and save money on their bills.


Winterwarm also offers warm air heating systems, and their focus is on delivering cost-effective units for commercial businesses. Winterwarm offers both gas and oil-fired heaters and boilers with fan coil units. For businesses conscious of their budget, Winterwarm can be a great choice.

Find The Commercial Heating For Your Business

The size, space and use of your premises are all factors which can influence which is the best heating system for your needs. To find out more about which is the best option for you and to receive your free quote, Atmostherm can offer in-depth on-site consultations to help you make the right choice. To book your free site visit and quote, please contact our team today.

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All our installations are fully warrantied, and in the unlikely event of a breakdown outside of warranty should you choose to take out a heating service and maintenance contract with us you’ll benefit from our priority engineer call out service, meaning we will respond to your breakdown within 2 hrs.

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