Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Boiler Maintenance Contract

Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Boiler Maintenance Contract

15 February 2021

If there’s one crucial part of your business infrastructure that you probably don’t think about a great deal, it’s the boiler.  Commercial boilers are designed to get on with it, to function efficiently and keep the property warm.  With an average lifespan of 10-15 years, it is common to not need to think about them very often.

But there’s something to consider in there.  That’s commercial boiler maintenance contracts.  Because these are the key thing that allows you to effectively ignore your boiler for most of the time.  Let’s look at why you need one and what they do.

Why boiler maintenance is so important

Maintaining a boiler is a bit like maintaining a car.  It doesn’t guarantee that it won’t break down at some point but it catches many of the common problems and replaces worn parts.  There are also strong benefits to boiler maintenance and that’s why it is often a condition of the warranty on new boilers.

Improves efficiency

Boiler maintenance helps to improve efficiency or rather stops it from dropping.  As a boiler gets older, the efficiency slowly starts to spiral downwards.  But the right maintenance can ensure that this doesn’t happen or happens at a far slower rate.

Regular work helps to keep the boiler working as well as possible by handling many of the common issues that develop over time.

Spots problems before they develop

During routine maintenance, heating engineers will often spot issues that could lead to breakdowns in the future and either sort them as part of the maintenance or raise the issue with you.  This cuts down on time out of use for the boiler and potentially for your business.

Increases safety

The most common type of boiler in the UK is a gas condensing style.  These are efficient and effective heating systems but there’s always a tiny risk of carbon monoxide being released, which is toxic.  By having regular maintenance, safety is increased and the chances of something like this going wrong is greatly reduced.

How often should you have your boiler maintained?

The most common frequent for commercial boiler maintenance contracts is every 12 months.  This is often enough o catch problems and ensures the boiler is working properly but far enough apart that it doesn’t feel like the boiler is constantly being worked on.

The once a year service is often also a part of the warranty on many boilers.  Warranties can run to multiple years but often stipulate that the boiler must be serviced by a qualified engineer every year.  If you don’t have this done, then the warranty could be void.

Sometimes businesses with high demands on their systems require a check every six months.  If you have an older boiler or one with a history of issues, then a 6-monthly check can be a better option.

Benefits of regular maintenance

While there are clear reasons for the boiler to be serviced, regular maintenance also comes with a few benefits for the whole of the heating system that is worth noting.

Ensures you are compliant with regulations

If you own the building, there are rules in place about things like boiler and heating maintenance and how often this needs to be done.  By having regular maintenance on the system, you are ensuring you are compliant with regulations and have the paperwork to show.

If your business rents the building, there may still be some requirements for you to look at maintenance, depending on your contract.  Always check this and see who is responsible for things like boiler maintenance or heating servicing.

Improves energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a big deal for a host of reasons.  There’s things like reducing carbon footprints and being an eco-friendly business.  Then there’s simpler things like saving money by not wasting energy which can be expensive.

Buildings are now also rated on their energy efficiency and there are minimum standards required for commercial properties.  This means if you own the building, there could be an onus on you to ensure the boiler and associated system is as energy-efficient as possible.

Reduces the chance of a breakdown

Just like with a car, the regular maintenance reduces the chance that the boiler will breakdown.  It doesn’t guarantee something won’t go wrong but it doesn’t help to reduce the risk and also allows engineers to spot those developing problems.

Why commercial boiler maintenance contracts are perfect

One of the biggest problems as a business owner is simply remembering that these things need to be done and getting around to booking a heating engineer to do it.  That’s where commercial boiler maintenance contracts come in and perfectly solve the problem.

A boiler maintenance contract comes in a few different forms depending on the age and demands on your boiler.  There’s a simple once-a-year service that looks for all those common problems and handles basic repairs.  At the other end of the scale, there’s a fully inclusive package that covers all parts and labour within the contract period.

Not all contracts are equal.  The best maintenance contracts will cover all of the equipment associated with the system including the boiler, radiators, valves and pumps.  It also includes priority call-outs for contract customers and a reduction on call-out charges.  Top-quality contracts will guarantee an engineer on-site within a short window such as two hours.

Boiler maintenance – sorted

Boiler maintenance is a key part of running a commercial heating system.  As the heart of the system, it is crucial that it runs to the best of its ability and ensures it is as energy efficient as possible.

Grabbing a boiler maintenance contract takes things one step further.  You can be confident in the regular maintenance of the system because it is scheduled for you.  Plus you can take extended contracts that offer more than just basic maintenance, helping you comply with all those regulations around safety and well-being of staff.

If you want to know more about top-quality commercial boiler maintenance contracts, contact Atmostherm today on 0800 085 7510 for a free consultation on your needs.