Heating for Large Houses

High Performance Heating for Large Houses in Manchester & Cheshire

Atmostherm Ltd are a Cheshire based specialist heating contractor offering a wide range of energy efficient heating control solutions which can help meet the challenge of maintaining effective temperature control in large homes & complex residential spaces.

Atmostherm Ltd are an established large scale heating installation and service contractor located in Cheshire, within minutes of the motorway networks all of Greater Manchester and the North West.

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of high performance, energy efficient heating for large houses and mansions in the North West. We also specialise in renewable energy.

We offer all our customers the same level of professionalism at all stages of the design, quotation and installation of the contract. We are specialists in large boilers and heating systems and will only recommend a system that is suitable for you. Our dedicated technical sales team have over 35 years’ experience in the heating industry.

A number of our clients have suggested that other contractors offer only one range of products and make that range fit regardless of the application, we will never follow that route, as our focus has always been to treat each client individually. Each client, we believe, must be given all choices available.

We have built our reputation on excellent quality, professional workmanship and the reliability to deliver on time.  These high standards make us the first choice heating contractor for your home.

Whether you own a new build or a large older property in Manchester and the surrounding areas, we know that it can sometimes be difficult to work out how best to heat your home in the most efficient and affordable way.

Installing the wrong heating system in a bigger home can mean frustrations down the line when it comes to not quite having enough power to heat certain rooms or bills soaring out of control during the winter months.

With many homes keen to remove any dependence on fossil fuels as a power source, one consideration you might have is switching to renewable energy to keep your house cosy and warm – without making an undue impact on the planet.

Our guide below looks at all of the options available to you when you want to ensure your home heating is as effective as possible.

Benefits of renewable heating systems for larger homes

Here at Atmostherm, we are committed to designing and fitting renewable energy heating systems where possible.

With over 40 years in the business, our Manchester-based renewable heating experts are on hand to install such systems in line with all the latest government requirements when it comes to sustainable living.

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing renewable energy for your large home:

  • Heating always remains at a comfortable temperature
  • Capable of adjusting indoor heating in relation to outdoor weather
  • Reduces the likelihood of unnecessary fuel expenditure
  • Includes a security code to stop anyone in the home changing the settings
  • Adjustable start-up and switch-off times

If you have already decided that renewable heating is for you, the next decision you have to make is which type of heat pump you need.

You can choose between air source, ground source, or water source heat pumps, with each solution having certain advantages depending mostly on where your house is located.

Air source heat pump

If you are keen to ensure your large home is as eco-friendly as possible, then an air source heat pump is a fantastic choice that will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also drastically reduce the heating bills that can so easily and unnecessarily skyrocket in larger properties.

You don’t need to worry if you live in a large apartment or flat several stories up either, as all your hot water and heating needs are flexibly taken care of using this method.

Compared with conventional electric or gas heating systems where prices vary year-to-year, air source heat pumps simply use the environment around them to generate enough energy to cover nearly all of the space’s heating requirements.

Ground source heat pump

If your home is in Greater Manchester or a part of Cheshire that isn’t near a mains energy grids or particularly easy for fuel deliveries to access, a ground source energy pump could be the renewable energy source you’re looking for.

As with an air source heat pump, this solution is great when you want to reduce your carbon emissions, as they use the land on your property as a highly efficient energy source capable of turning one unit of electricity into two to four units of heat transfer into your home.

Many ground source heat models will also include a handy LED display, so you can clearly see how much energy is being extracted from the ground at any time of day.

Water source heat pump

The last, but by no means least, of your eco-friendly heating options for your home includes a water source heat pump.

As the name may indicate, this is a great option if you own a large home near a water source such as a flowing river, lake, or stream.

By connecting to the water source, the pump is able to turn water into energy that can be used to heat your home and give you hot water.

Heat naturally transfers well in water, so this is an ideal choice for large homeowners with the luxury of a body of water close by.

As with the aforementioned renewable heating options, this method can provide up to 75% of your energy needs, meaning you won’t have to rely so heavily on gas or electricity to heat your home – saving plenty of money on your monthly heating bill.

Are there any other options for heating my home besides renewable energy?

Absolutely. With the introduction of ultra-high energy efficiency condensing boilers that can be used in conjunction with advanced heating and hot water control systems such as Drayton, Wiser, Nest and Hive, it’s perfectly possible to reduce your heating bills and your environmental impact.

What should I look for in an ultra-high energy efficient boiler?

These condensing boilers can run off oil, gas or LPG, the latter of which is a lower carbon, clean energy source known for being one of the most environmentally friendly of all conventional fossil fuels.

Whether you are thinking of upgrading an old boiler nearing the end of its lifecycle, or you’ve found that the boiler installed in your home is not as energy efficient as you would like, opting for an ‘A’ rated condensing boiler can be a wise choice.

Advantages of a condensing boiler include:

  • Capture escaping energy that standard boilers would lose
  • Turns this energy to continue heating water through a condensing (cooling) process
  • Highly efficient and less expensive to run due to large heat exchangers
  • Cycle of constant energy returning back into your heating system after heating your hot water

When it comes to the size of your new condensing boiler, if you live in a large house with two or more bathrooms and four or more bedrooms, you would be looking at a boiler size in the region of 34-42kW energy output rate to ensure that all the rooms in your house are optimally heated.

For more information on installing renewable energy for heating into your home, or to request an upgrade to a condensing boiler, please get in touch with our team today and we can get to work!