Evaporative Air Conditioning

We are experts in Evaporative Cooling Systems the best way of producing cool air

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What is Evaporative Air Conditioning?

An evaporative cooling system is a completely natural way of producing refreshing cool air within a warehouse or office building. A simple ducted air distribution systems delivers cool, fresh air to provide complete building coverage or spot cooling to any area. A sophisticated process control unit working in conjunction with naturally low water operating temperatures assures a hygienic and SAFE cooling system. This type of system uses 10% of the usual running cost of an air conditioning system and has a much lower installation costs. This type of evaporative cooling is a truly LOW COST cooling system.

The benefits of evaporative cooling are listed below:

  • Uses only 10% of the electricity compared with conventional air conditioning
  • No refrigerants
  • Supplies 100% fresh cooled air
  • Low carbon dioxide footprint
  • Simple engineering
  • Low purchase cost
  • Performance improves at high

How does evaporative cooling work?

As warm air passes over wet filter pads water naturally evaporates into the air. The air is cooled as it gives up the heat required to evaporate the water. An evaporative cooling unit has filter pads, which are kept saturated with water when in ‘Cool’ Mode. Water from the sump is pumped over the pads via a water distribution system. An axial fan draws the air through the pads and into the air distribution system. Air passes through insect screens prior to the filter pads. Hygienic and efficient operation of an evaporative cooling unit is maintained by the most advanced water process controls available. Only pure water evaporates from the pads during evaporation. Salts will gradually concentrate and will eventually form scale unless a ‘bleed’ system is used. The water is drained before the scaling point is reached. The control system uses a unique four level water probe to determine the salinity level during the evaporation cycle. This system ensures the most efficient water use and can be easily adjusted to accommodate differing water quality.