Fume Extraction Systems

Large or small Dust or Fume Extraction Systems for all your ventilation needs

We are a professional, independent ventilation and mechanical services company and have many years’ experience designing, installing and maintaining dust and fume extraction systems.

Our key areas of work are with industrial and commercial organisations.  We pride ourselves in providing a high quality design, installation, re fit and repair service.

Atmostherm provide a full range of in house design services using Auto-Cad to create a 3 D duct work design. Our experienced design engineers will visit your premises to discuss any requirements you may have and advise on new installations or upgrades of any existing systems. From the initial site visit to presenting our quotation, carrying out the design, issuing drawings, manufacture of the system and carrying out the installation and commissioning, our staff will provide a professional service. Our engineers will always work within the guidelines of our method statement and risk assessment ensuring a safe installation. After the installation our after sales staff will offer preventative planned maintenance to ensure optimum efficiency of the system. All of our engineers attend site in sign-written vehicles ensuring transparency and wearing a company uniform together with full Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

We guarantee that all of the systems we design and install will meet the requirements of UK Legislation, such as HSG258 (Health and Safety Guidance) and BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society).

The importance of dust and fume extraction in the workplace

Proactively managing dust and fume extraction is important for two primary reasons: protecting the health of workers and other people on site, and complying with the law.

Atmostherm help you get dust extraction and fume extraction right. Not only do our fully-qualified engineers help you get the right systems and keep them functioning effectively, we also ensure you have the right documentation in place for your extraction systems.

Examples of dusts which can require extraction

  • Food dusts like flour dust.
  • Woodworking dust.
  • Construction dust.
  • Metalwork dust.

Examples of fumes which can require extraction

  • Fumes from welding.
  • Fumes from painting
  • Soldering fumes.
  • Chemical fumes.

If any of these dusts or fumes, or other types are present in your workplace, it is essential to make sure you have a regulation-compliant dust extraction and/or fume extraction system.

Fume Extraction System Maintenance & Inspection

In the UK smoke extraction systems must by law be regularly inspected and be fully operational. The owner or the management company of all premises are responsible for the statutory inspection & maintenance of smoke ventilation systems. With this in mind we recommend inspection and maintenance twice a year to ensure your system is in good working condition.

One of the Atmostherm ventilation systems-an example of it

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