Commercial Boiler Systems

Our boiler engineers have extensive knowledge and experience of Commercial Boiler Heating Systems

At Atmostherm Ltd our boiler system design & fit service is fully warrantied and benefits from the knowledge and experience that comes from over 40 years in business. Our engineers install boiler based heating systems large and small across the North West, North Wales and the Midlands.

We are Powrmatic, Winterwarm and AmbiRad approved installers.

We also provide a commercial boiler system maintenance & repair service.

A low pressure hot water boiler heating system is ideal for buildings that require heating in numerous areas, such as offices. The system usually comprises of a boiler (Hot water generator), which is linked by a network of heating pipes to heat emitters such as radiators. Each radiator is normally fitted with a thermostatic radiator valve, which will control the temperature of the room in which it is fitted. This type of heating system can be zoned to allow individual areas to be heated whilst other areas are turned off to give energy savings.

Modern heating boilers can be floor mounted, wall mounted or suspended on manufacturer’s rigs. Rig mounting is normally used when numerous boilers are piped in series to give a lead lag system or when a large operating output is required.

Atmostherm are able to offer a wide range of energy efficient heating boiler solutions which can help meet the challenge of maintaining effective temperature control in a small or large office spaces and apartment blocks. New heating boilers can be specified to operate on gas, oil, LPG or Bio fuels giving greater installation flexibility.

All new heating boilers installed in the UK are of the condensing type which are highly efficient compared to older conventional flue models.

Atmostherm can also supply your new boiler with an energy efficient heating control system which will accurately control the time and temperature and give weather compensation.

  • Conventional Boilers

    This boiler system is fed by two open header tanks in the loft. For central heating, a pump outside the boiler is used to pump water to the radiators. The domestic hot water is stored in the cylinder tank.

  • Combi Boilers

    Widely considered the most cost effective way to install central heating. They have no tanks, instead they heat water for central heating and domestic hot water as required.

  • System Boilers

    This system still has a hot water tank but has done away with an exterior pump and header tanks. The pump is an integral part of the boiler, which also has an expansion vessel to replace the cold tanks.

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