Mitsubishi Approved Air Conditioning Installers

We are Mitsubishi Approved Air Conditioning Installers in Manchester and the North West

Cost-effective and reliable air conditioning that maintains temperature control for your domestic or commercial property.

About Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi have over 100 years’ experience of creating reliable and high-quality air conditioning systems.

Established in 1954 in Japan, they are now a global business spanning across 90 countries.

They created the world’s first cross-flow fan and pioneered the idea of split air conditionings which use a separate compressor indoor unit for a quieter system.


Why choose Mitsubishi?

  • Reputable brand
  • Very quiet
  • Low running costs
  • Low emissions
  • Offer both hot and cold systems
  • Come with 3-year warranty as standard
  • Wide choice of air con Include wall mounted, multi split and HVRF systems.


Mitsubishi air conditioning

Atmostherm offer a wide range of Mitsubishi air conditioning to suit homes, offices, retail units, warehouses, and factories.

All our air conditioning units can provide both heat and cool to offer a more eco-friendly system that can offer more savings.


City multi hybrid VRF air conditioners

These hybrid air conditioners have a 2-pipe heat recovery VRF with water between the hybrid branch controller and indoor units.

They include horizontal and vertical HBC controllers for better flexibility.


City multi VRF air conditioners

These multi VRF air conditioners are best for medium to large buildings that need high performance and optimum efficiency.

You can run numerous indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.


Mr Slim split air conditioners

Mr Slim is one of Britain’s best-selling air conditioning split systems. They utilise a lower GWP R32 refrigerant which can reduce electric consumption by up to 10% and make it more cost-effective.


M series split air conditioners

The M series is ideal for small to medium size spaces, small offices, retail units, and homes.

It offers an affordable unit with a range of options including wall or floor mounted.


Multi split air conditioners

These multi split air conditioners allow connections between two and eleven indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

They are ideal for creating a system to match your building layout.


Mitsubishi air conditioner prices

Prices vary depending on your circumstances, but Mitsubishi air conditioners can range from just under £500 to a few thousand.


Why you need a Mitsubishi approved engineer

If you choose a Mitsubishi air conditioner, it is best to have it installed by a Mitsubishi approved air conditioner installer to ensure it is done properly.

Poor installation can cause a wide range of costly problems, so it is best to use an experienced air conditioner installer who meets the high standards of Mitsubishi.

To be a Mitsubishi approved air conditioning installer you must offer a consistently high level of installation and after sales support.

Mitsubishi train approved companies who must meet their health and safety policy and share their philosophy, integrity, and high standards.

In return, our customers get up to 5 years warranty and a guarantee of a high-quality service.



How much does it cost to install aircon in the UK?

On average for a small home or office it can range between £1,750 and £3000.


Do you need planning permission to install air conditioning?

Generally, no, you do not need planning permission. If you are installing air conditioning in a listed building you may need to check with a building inspector at local authority or private approved building inspector.


Where are Mitsubishi air cons made?

Factories around the world manufacture Mitsubishi products for their local market. This includes the United States, Mexico, Scotland, Italy, and Thailand.

All manufacturing is overseen by their headquarters in Japan.


Mitsubishi air conditioner warranty registration

All Mitsubishi electric air con units come with 12-month standard but using an approved Mitsubishi allows an extended warranty.

You must register your air conditioner within three months of it being installed.


How to clean your Mitsubishi air con outside unit

It is important to have an approved installer service your unit at least once a year.

You can also carry out some maintenance yourself including cleaning your filters and unit.

It is recommended to clean your outdoor unit every six months by keeping it clear of plants and debris and washing the unit and coil with detergent.

It is important to use car wash liquid and not dish washing liquid.


How to clean Mitsubishi filter

First, turn off the power and remove the filter by opening your filter door.

Remove the filter by simply lifting it up and gently pulling.

Remove any special deodorizing filters first. These will be smaller coloured filters on the larger blue filter.

Simply pull them off and replace these after cleaning.

Use lukewarm water to rinse the front and back of the filter and leave on paper towels to air dry.

It is best to do this every three months.


Tailor-Made Air Con Service

We offer a complete air conditioning service including design, supply, installation, servicing, commissioning, and maintenance.

We are Mitsubishi approved installers and can help you decide on the best air conditioner for your domestic or commercial property.

Call us today for your free technical site survey and quotation.