Warehouse Ventilation System Design

Warehouse Ventilation System Design

20 September 2019

While warehouses are generally considered as being large buildings built for the storage and movement of goods, little thought is often given to the importance of the air quality within the warehouse structure.

When new warehousing is being designed and built, the optimisation of the available space is the first priority in mind. Many warehouse spaces are built to very straightforward, generic guidelines that don’t take into consideration the needs of any potential end-user.

How can air quality be compromised within your warehouse?

In most warehouse buildings, air pollutants can be generated and circulated from both internal and external sources.

Internal warehouse sources:

Many sources of air pollutants can be generated within your warehouse that can affect the air quality and negatively impact not only your holding stock but potentially the health of your warehouse staff too.

Internal pollutants may include:

  • Exhaust from delivery trucks entering your building
  • Fumes generated from your lifting equipment, such as forklifts
  • Any machinery used on-site that generate fumes

External warehouse sources:

When there is a lack of mechanical ventilation in a warehouse, there will be a requirement for natural ventilation through air vents and open windows. However, external pollutants can drift in carried by the wind.

External pollutants may include:

  • Passing traffic
  • Neighbouring manufacturing plants
  • Environmental dust and pollution

How can poor air quality negatively affect your warehouse operations?

There are three main ways that poor air circulation and poor air quality can affect your business.

  1. Warehouse processes
    Whether you operate an automated picking line or a manual picking line in your warehouse, your process can be negatively affected by dust particle build-up within your automated scanning machines.
    This can interfere with your automated scanning process and cause unwanted equipment failure and expensive downtime and repair and maintenance costs.
  2. Poor product quality
    The main aim of any warehouse facility is to ensure that the products they store and dispatch are as high-quality as possible. Any degradation of product quality while being held in your warehouse can result in poor customer feedback and a higher level of returned goods.
    Where you store goods for any length of time, dust particles can build up on the inventory packaging, which doesn’t create a very good impression of your business with the end customers receiving dusty or grime-covered parcels.
  3. Employee health concerns
    The poor air quality and pollution levels within your building can also pose serious health risks to your warehouse staff, such as the development of asthma or lung conditions. Poor air quality can affect employee health and well-being and lead to high levels of sickness-related time off.
    When you have a high level of staff absenteeism, your warehouse productivity levels can seriously drop, resulting in delayed shipments and negative customer feedback.

The solution: Industrial Ventilation System Design

There are warehouse ventilation system design solutions available when there is little to no mechanical ventilation in your warehouse space.

Your air quality is of great importance, especially if your stored items are perishable or can be degraded by poor air circulation that encourages damp or mouldy conditions. Can you afford not to look at a suitable industrial ventilation system design for your warehouse?

For many warehouse facility owners, a warehouse ventilation system that is specifically designed to suit the layout and functionality of the internal space is going to be the easiest solution to resolve air circulation and filtration problems.

Our team of experienced ventilation designers can work with you to help protect the operation of your warehouse facility.

We can design and install a ventilation system that effectively takes away any airborne pollutants from your indoor environment as well as work to improve the air circulation around your warehouse to prevent damp and mouldy conditions from negatively affecting your inventory.

We work to the highest standard of design and installation and use fully tested and certified equipment to ensure that your air circulation within your warehouse performs to the highest level of functionality.

Fully personalised design and build services

We understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to your industrial ventilation system design. This is why we offer a personalised service to our clients where we will conduct a thorough inspection of your warehouse facilities before working out a ventilation design that will perfectly suit your needs.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team are here to offer our clients a flexible service that is cost-effective and can help you find a solution, no matter what your available budget.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your needs. We are here to help!