Give Your Commercial Heating System a Winter Health Check

Give Your Commercial Heating System a Winter Health Check

15 October 2020
Commercial boiler engineer giving a boiler a service

Book your heating health check before it gets any colder

If you own or manage an office, apartment building, retail unit, warehouse or factory you should know that your heating system needs regular maintenance to perform at its best.

As well as extending the life of your commercial heating system, regular maintenance helps you meet health and safety legislation, helps bring down your energy bills and can minimise the chances of a major breakdown.

This last point is particularly important during the winter when a heating breakdown could force your commercial premises to close due to cold weather. This kind of disruption can be hugely expensive during a key trading period and it can quickly sour relationships with employees, tenants and other building occupants.


Why you should book your winter health check today

The best time to book your preventative maintenance visit was yesterday. The next best time to book it is today.

Winter puts an additional strain on heating systems, meaning that your unit is more likely to breakdown at some point in the next few months. It’s also harder to get a reliable commercial heating engineer to come out during the winter months because there is a greater demand for their services.

Call 0800 0857510 to book your commercial winter health check today.


What’s involved in a winter health check?

A winter health check is just like any other service. What’s involved will depend on whether you use a HVAC system or gas, oil or LPG-fired equipment.

Mostly it involves carrying out some basic checks to ensure everything is in working order. This can include checking:

  • Burners, heaters and other ancillaries
  • Heat exchangers and injectors
  • Ignition systems
  • Electrical connections
  • Fans
  • Seals
  • Condensate trap and pipe
  • Additional safety devices
  • Pipes
  • System cleanliness


Tips to keep your heating system in top shape over winter

  • Check for leaks or cracks in water pipes – Leaks or cracks in your pipes can cause very expensive water damage in your commercial premises. This is more likely to happen in winter when freezing and thawing water causes water to expand and contract in pipes. It’s good to check your pipes regularly and add some extra insulation in areas that are unheated. For more information about how to protect your pipes, speak to a commercial heating engineer.
  • Check windows and doors – Windows and doors are major culprits when it comes to winter heat loss. If too much heat escapes through windowpanes or through small gaps around windows and doors it puts an unnecessary strain on your commercial heating system. Even simple steps like making sure doors aren’t held open for long periods can reduce your heating burden.
  • Top up on insulation – Too much heat will also escape through your walls and roof if you don’t have enough insulation. Topping up is one of the easiest and most cost-effective things that you can do to improve the overall heating performance of your commercial premises.
  • Keep warm air circulating – Heating systems that concentrate warm air in one particular area can create cold spots. Advanced commercial systems like HVAC units are great for distributing warm air more evenly throughout a building. Even slow rotating ceiling fans can help improve the efficiency of heating systems.
  • Upgrade your system – If your heating system is very old, the source of frequent complaints or is ringing up heavy energy bills, then making small changes or carrying out regular maintenance may not be enough to improve heating performance. A commercial heating engineer will be able to advise you on the best type of commercial heating system for your premises.

Book a winter heating health check in with one of our commercial heating engineers before it gets any colder. Call: 0800 0857510.