What is the Best Temperature for a Classroom?

What is the Best Temperature for a Classroom?

10 January 2020

When it comes to schools, one thing that you might not realise is that there are so many things that can have an impact on how well the students perform. The set up of the classroom, where they sit and the tools that are used are all going to affect the learning of the students.


One thing that can also have an impact (but one that you may not realise) is the temperature.


Here in the UK, it is expected that a classroom setting be no less than 18ºC in areas such as classrooms where a normal level of activity occurs. If there is a low level of activity (or the rooms are not used on as regular a basis, such as toilets or chill out zones) the temperature should be set at 21ºC and for those parts of the school whereby there is lots of activity (such as the hall or the gym area) then 15ºC is a suitable minimum temperature.


Of course, it can be hard to keep a school to an expected temperature, especially during times of extreme weather, however, with an appropriate heating system, you can be sure that it is much easier to keep to an appropriate temperature. No matter the area of the school.


Failure to keep a school environment to the right temperature can have more of an impact than you realise. Here is what you need to know about heating in a school.


Too hot can be a problem!

Whilst it makes sense that a classroom should be warm enough for the students to be comfortable; you do need to keep in mind that a classroom that is too warm can also have a negative impact. When the temperature is relatively warm, it can leave you feeling lethargic and lacking in energy. This doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a child.


Adults can seemingly cope better with a higher temperature; however, a child is going to soon find that they become easily distracted and lose focus on what they need to do. Not something that you want to happen within a classroom.


So, keeping it cool is the right way to go?

You never want the children within a school to feel cold, but the idea of keeping them as cool as possible is something that you should definitely keep in mind. You don’t want the children within the classroom to feel uncomfortable, but the temperature should be at a level which allows the children in your class to be able to concentrate on what they need to do. All without them sitting there and shivering.


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