Best Air Conditioner for Your Business

Best Air Conditioner for Your Business

05 December 2023
An air conditioning system for business office

Finding the Right Air Conditioning Fit for Your Enterprise

As a business owner, ensuring ideal indoor comfort for your employees and clients is a top priority. With a strategic consultation from the experts at Atmostherm, you can determine the optimal air conditioning solution aligned with your company’s specific spatial dynamics and functional priorities.

Precision Cooling: Window AC Units

For compact environments like private offices, meeting rooms, and small retail spaces up to 500 sq ft, a window air conditioning unit (AC) from Atmostherm is a perfect choice. It is easy to install and allows you to achieve focused, localized cooling without overburdening your business’ utility expenses. Window AC Units cost a few hundred pounds to buy and up to 44p per hour to run. Contact us for installation.

Sophisticated Climate Control: Evaporative air conditioning 

For more expansive corporate environments, Atmostherm offers professionally installed ducted conditioning systems. Evaporative air conditioning systems provide climate management  across your entire premise through intelligent four-level zoning. It helps a business to save on operational costs and makes ducted conditioning systems energy efficient. 

Energy Saving and Maintenance: Split-system air conditioning

Another cost-effective air conditioning solution is split-system air conditioning. Split-system air conditioning is equipped with temperature and zone control for energy efficiency and lower running costs. It is flexible for installation and can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted. Atmostherm offers multiple split-system air conditioning solutions like Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Panasonic for business. If you want to install a multiple split-system air conditioning for your business, don`t hesitate to contact Atmostherm

A quick ROI conditioning for spacious commercial buildings: VRF systems

Variable refrigerant flow systems are a brilliant solution for large-scale business buildings. VRF allows multiple indoor units to run on the same system differently. This way, VRF can heat chosen parts of the premise and cool others at the same time. They are quiet, flexible and increase energy efficiency up to 50%, compared to traditional HVAC systems

Optimizing Your Cooling Solution

With such a wide range of options, Atmostherm’s experts can assess your business needs and determine the best air conditioning solution aligned with your budget, layout and priorities. In addition to installation services, Atmostherm provides air conditioning cleaning and maintenance services for businesses. Contact us to request our services.