Benefits of Energy Efficient, Modern Heating Controls for Commercial Heating

Benefits of Energy Efficient, Modern Heating Controls for Commercial Heating

03 May 2019

The installation of an energy efficient heating control allows the user to operate a heating system during specific time periods at a pre-set temperature level which is optimised for the space being heated. The boiler flow temperature can also be controlled using direct weather compensation utilising an external temperature sensor and valve. It is also possible to control the time and temperature of different heating zones within a building. Modern control systems can also monitored and can be adjusted by using a mobile devices such as a smart phone or tablet through an internet connection.


What are the benefits of effective temperature control in the workplace?

  • Increased productivity from a comfortable working environment
  • Reduced wastage by keeping stock at exactly the right temperature
  • Security coding, which prevents staff from adjusting the controls
  • Confidence that the correct temperature is maintained
  • Weather compensation adjusts the inside temperature dependent on the outside temperature
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Controlling the temperature during very cold weather can avoid damage due to frost and condensation
  • Optimum start up facility adjusts the start-up times and switch off time in the building to ensure that the correct temperature is achieved and maintained
  • Heating kept just right – all day and all night
  • Reduced CO2 emissions


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