When Should I Have my Air Conditioning Serviced?

When Should I Have my Air Conditioning Serviced?

16 May 2019
HVAC Repair and Service

It’s Air Conditioning Maintenance Time

We’re in the midst of the transition weather season here in rainy Manchester, making the gradual move from spring showers to summer warmth. This makes now the perfect time to book your air conditioning system’s annual service visit.

In a home or small business, you can go some way towards maintaining your own air conditioning, such as regularly changing the air filter, but servicing of the unit itself should be carried out by a professional air conditioning engineer who can maintain the overall performance of your air con unit. For multiple unit or large air conditioning systems maintenance and repairs should always be carried out by a professional.

Only a trained and experienced HVAC engineers are fully qualified to inspect motors and electrical connections, as well as cleaning coils and moving parts. Atmostherm Ltd provide year round air conditioning repair and maintenance services, including one-off same day callouts and service contracts. Contact us for details on how our experienced air con engineers can help.

The Benefits of Servicing Your Air Conditioning

It really is important to service your air conditioning every year. Skipping it even just once makes it more likely for problems to occur and for your system to struggle.

There are a number of benefits to keeping up with annual air conditioning maintenance visits, these include:

Improved Energy Efficiency – The wear and tear of general yearly usage of an air conditioner creates strain on its components—in particular, the blower motor. This creates higher energy bills (and also impacts climate change) as the system tries to overcome the extra stress. Routine professional maintenance of an air conditioning unit should help retain the efficiency rating of the air con unit during its service life.

Improved Lifespan of Your Air Conditioning System – Most air conditioners should reasonably last between 10 to 15 years before requiring a replacement, but this life pan could be significantly reduced if the system does not have routine professional maintenance. Annual inspections and tune-ups will help an air conditioner give you the best return on your initial investment in it by lasting as long as possible.

Reliability – No business wants their staff complaining all summer when the air conditioning system is constantly breaking down! The advantage of annual air con tune-ups is a cooling system that is less likely to suffer a major operational failure during the hottest days of the year. Air conditioning contractors are trained to locate wear and tear on the system, which could otherwise lead to expensive breakdowns. The engineer’s cleaning and optimising of the system also removes potential issues. With a well-maintained air conditioner, you can enter the summer with the confidence and peace of mind that you probably won’t need to make any costly emergency repair calls this season.


Atmostherm Ltd offer yearly service contracts for all HVAC systems, with the option to spread the cost monthly interest free. Based in Manchester, our highly trained engineers cover the whole of the North West. Contact us now for a no obligation quote.