School Heating Installation & Maintenance in Manchester

Economical, reliable School Heating Systems. We offer a full design, installation & maintenance service

Atmostherm Ltd offer a wide range of energy efficient school heating solutions which can help meet the challenge of maintaining energy efficiency, plus effective temperature control across a variety of buildings in small or large schools.

We advise on, supply and install the right energy efficient office heating solution to meet your school’s needs.

We are experts in wall and ceiling mounted warm air heatersair conditioning systemsradiant heaters and hot water heaters for large and small school buildings.

We are Powrmatic, Winterwarm and AmbiRad approved installers.

Our custom school heating system design service can tailor systems to your specific requirements. We can help with improvements to an existing system or a completely new system design. Our expert engineers offer a free site survey as well as help and guidance for your multiple or single building school heating requirements.

We also provide school heating servicing, maintenance contracts and emergency repairs across the North West.

Large school buildings can be some of the hardest buildings to heat. Large open spaces, often with large windows and doors frequently opening and closing, can mean that heat is difficult to maintain and distribute evenly.

If you need help with your school heating get in touch today to talk to one of our expert engineers or book a free site survey.

Heating Old School Buildings

Schools with old buildings can find that their heating systems struggle to cope with the demands of a modern school. They sometimes just can’t cope with the heating demands of the larger communal spaces and the weeks of sitting idle in the holidays.

Older school buildings certainly present us with challenges when upgrading their heating systems, especially when trying to incorporate modern energy efficient technologies. However, this certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be done and shouldn’t put you off looking for a more energy efficient alternative to your old school heating system.

Coping with Fluctuating Demand for Hot Water in Schools

Fluctuating demand for hot water while a school is open and the significant drop in demand during the holidays can be a real problem which school heating systems struggle to cope with.

The requirement for multiple hot showers to run simultaneously and the kitchen demands during lunchtimes cause a rise and fall in hot water requirements which can take its toll on older heating systems. Sometimes when these systems struggle to cope it can also send hot water costs through the roof.

The installation of a modern, commercial hot water system can cope with these peaks in demand, providing instantaneous hot water at a set temperature to ensure regulations are adhered to and only using energy when hot water is required to maximise efficiency. Providing heating and hot water via two separate systems will ensure than any peaks in demand for hot water can be easily catered for.

This continuous supply of hot water is perfect for schools with cafeterias, bathrooms and changing rooms with showers that can all demand hot water at the same time.

Energy efficient condensing boilers and other innovations in system design and energy saving controls have developed to further reduce school heating running costs.

All our heating and engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

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